I feel blessed to have you

You always make is seem so easy and that takes all the worry away. I feel blessed to have you, so Thank You so much for the care and excellent service you provide. You truly make my life great and take away so much worry–Thank you forever, Howard

Tax Time Again!

Too Soon? We Agree! Nonetheless, it’s time to begin collecting the information for your 2011 return. Here’s a list of things most often forgotten: Refinance-We need to see the settlement statement, maybe its best to just bring all the paperwork. Sale of Stock-We need the 1099-B’s to show the sales price. Estimated Tax Payments-we need amounts and dates of the payments. Property Tax-We need the actual amount paid for the year. Child Care Credit-We must report the full name address and ID Number of the care provider. Getting an early start and being prepared helps in two ways-the work is simpler and you save more money! Happy 2012!